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  • Early Discoveries – CER

    Early Discoveries – CER

    Students who are just learning how to do CER’s (claim, evidence, reasoning) often struggle when they are required to develop their own claims and evidence statements. In this activity, students read stories about historical science, such as Redi’s experiment on meat and maggots and Louis Pasteur’s experiments with the s-shaped flask. The stories are short,…

  • Case Study: John Snow and the Origin of Epidemiology

    Case Study: John Snow and the Origin of Epidemiology

    This case study explores a time before the Germ Theory when doctors were uncertain how disease was spread.  Current models, such as the humoral or miasma model could not fully explain how cholera infected some households, but not others.   This case story explores London, England in 1854 after an outbreak of cholera which had…

  • Why I Teach Pathology in Biology

    Why I Teach Pathology in Biology

    When you examine the AP Biology Course Description, there is no mention of pathology (the study of diseases) in the list of Big Ideas.   Bacteria are mentioned in the context of comparison between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, lines of descent, and endosymbiosis.  Viruses are mentioned within the context of genetics and how DNA can be transferred…