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  • Color Mutant Homeobox Genes in Drosophila

    Color Mutant Homeobox Genes in Drosophila

    Students color an image of a fruit fly showing the locations of Hox gene expression. Worksheet includes descriptions of known mutations, like Ubx and Antp.

  • Virtual FlyLab (New!)

    Virtual FlyLab (New!)

    Virtual fruit fly genetics lab where students can explore phenotypes and genotypes of flies, design experiments, and perform chi square analysis

  • Genetics – Lop Ears

    Genetics – Lop Ears

    This worksheet allows students to practice doing genetic crosses that involve two traits. The first problem has the 4×4 Punnet square already set up. Once they fill out the square, they determine how many of the bunnies have floppy or long ears, and how many have black or pink noses. Note, these genetic traits are…

  • Practice Genetics:  Sex Linked Genes

    Practice Genetics: Sex Linked Genes

    Students learn basic Mendelian genetics by crossing traits from fruit flies and pea plants.  In this extension, students can practice doing crosses that involve sex-linked traits, where the alleles are located on the X chromosome  which affects the pattern of inheritance.   This worksheet is designed for beginning biology students, as it provides in most…