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  • Genetics Practice – Roan Cows with Horns

    Genetics Practice – Roan Cows with Horns

    Practice genetics with cows! Cows can be horned (hh) or hornless. They can also be red, white, or roan colored.

  • Anatomy of the Eye (Coloring)

    Anatomy of the Eye (Coloring)

    The coloring worksheet is intended to help students learn the location of specific parts of the eye, like the cornea, sclera, lens, and retina.

  • Cow Eye Dissection

    Cow Eye Dissection

    Students dissect a cow eye as part of a unit on anatomy or the senses.  This guide contains step by step instructions on how to cut the eye and identify the major features. Cow eyes can be purchased from Amazon or biology supply companies. You can also use sheep eyes, which are slightly less expensive.…