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  • Cell City

    Cell City

    This popular activity asks students to read a story about a fictional town where each part of the city is compared to the parts of a cell.   For example:  “Widgets are generally produced in small shops around the city, these small shops can be built by the carpenter’s union (whose headquarters are in town hall.)”   In this…

  • Investigation: Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

    Investigation: Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

     This simple investigation asks students to view cells under the microscope and compare differences between plant and animal cells.   Students are instructed in the procedure for removing the epithelial cells of an onion and staining with iodine.  These cells are fairly easy to see and most beginning students will have no trouble locating the…

  • Compare a Human and Chimpanzee Skeleton

    Compare a Human and Chimpanzee Skeleton

    This handout can be used in discussions on the evolution of bipedalism or in any unit on the skeletal system.  Students label the bones of the skeleton and make comparisons between the forelimbs, hind limbs, and pelvis. I created this handout to compliment an evolutionary lesson and  video from HHMI on the “Origin of Humans”…

  • Comparing Plant Cells

    Comparing Plant Cells

    Students observe onion cells and elodea cells using the light microscope. Students compare structures found in each type of cell and create drawings.