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  • DNA Model – Cut and Paste Nucleotides

    DNA Model – Cut and Paste Nucleotides

    This digital modeling activity allows students to build a DNA model by dragging the individual parts into a completed diagram

  • What is a Cladogram?

    What is a Cladogram?

    Students are given a description and an example of a cladogram showing the relationship between lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and birds. They are then walked through the process of creating a cladogram for five animal examples: frog, fish, bird, koala, and lizard. The process involves suggesting traits that these animals share and finding traits that are…

  • What Happened to Virtual Dissections?

    What Happened to Virtual Dissections?

    Many of us may have used virtual dissection platforms to supplement classroom activities or provide make-up work for students who missed lab days.  Unfortunately, many of the platforms for virtual dissections were created using flash animation.   Web browsers no longer support flash, mainly because they create security risks.   Viruses and malware can be delivered through…