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  • Boxing Biomolecules – A Game for Organics

    Boxing Biomolecules – A Game for Organics

    AP Biology students learn the four biological macromolecules by playing a game with boxes which have descriptions on each side.

  • Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    This lesson was inspired by a POGIL lesson on proteins. Like other process oriented guided learning activities, students examine graphics and information. Then they perform tasks to build their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The slides start with the basic structure of an amino acid, where students identify the carboxyl and amine groups. Then…

  • Reinforcement: Biomolecules

    Reinforcement: Biomolecules

    This worksheet is used with a unit on biological molecules in an introductory biology class. Students match definitions or descriptions to words provided in a word bank. The anchoring phenomenon in this unit is hagfish slime, which explains the inclusion of this concept in the list. Google Slides and Student Notes for the unit are…