If you are  looking for high quality biological images or clip art, go to some of my favorite links.  I am also including personal galleries of images I have created for various projects.

Biodidac – an amazing site for all things biological, drawings and photos are very clear.  If you are looking for ANY biological image, start here first.  These are very specific illustrations and photos of specimens and biological topics.  Many of my worksheets on this site use illustrations from biodidac. – this is a great site for animal photos – basic clipart (cartoons mainly) – another basic clipart site, requires linkbacks, also has an interesting edit feature for its art – lots of clipart, many science related
Interactive Biology Animations – a large site with a lot of categories
Clipart ETC – Florida institute of instructional technology, drawings for projects

Arthur’s Clip Art – takes some sorting,  but this site has a wide variety of science images scanned from out of print books

Photo Sites

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Information photo library
Flickr – users upload thousands of photos daily, many are licensed as creative commons

My Galleries

Protists – collection of images taken with a microscope and camera
Cells – cheek cells and elodea cells
Corn Genetics – photos from lab on chi square analysis

Fetal Pig Dissection
Frog Dissection
Rat Dissection