Biology Class Curriculums for Multiple Levels

skullAnatomy 1 & 2 –  This class is usually taken by juniors and seniors,  by students that are interested in entering a medical field after graduation.  It is recommended for those on a career path to become:

peacockAP Biology (also SLU dual credit)- this is a college level course which has strict prerequisites, biology and chemistry are both required.  Most students take this class as a senior.  Uses Openstax Biology 2e

beeBiology 1 & 1A – Miller and Levine Bee Book – this is offered to freshman on a college track,  the first semester covers the scientific method and cell biology

Biology 2 & 2A – Second semester, focus on genetics, comparative anatomy (under development)

dragonflyBiology 1 & 1A – Older resources for Miller and Levine’s Dragonfly Book
Biology 2 & 2A – Second semester, focus on genetics and vertebrates

frogIntroduction to Biology -one semester class for vocational track students (students spend a semester on subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.)