Amazing Science Sites

Boy watching fishSites that I’ve come across that offer students amazing information about biology and science.  Some of these have been used in internet lessons (where students must fill out a worksheet as they browse a site)

New England Aquarium – beautiful site for ocean life information, videos and pictures
Monterey Bay Aquarium – another aquarium site with beautiful exhibits of animals
San Diego Zoo – love this site for animal information and photos, check
out the exhibits, it’s almost like being there in person
PBS Nature and PBS Nova – very nice sites with videos and interactive science games
Learn Genetics – comprehensive site covering genetics, DNA, and biotechnology
HHMI Cool Science – Howard Hughs Medical Institute, student and educator site
HHMI Biointeractive – where virtual labs are hosted, labs more appropriate for an AP class

National Geographic – easy to get lost in this huge site, I love showing (and embedding) their videos. So much little time
BBC Science and Nature – lots of exciting things here to explore

ARKive –  the very best of the world’s wildlife films and photographs, with more than 3,500 of the world’s leading filmmakers and photographers; focus on endangered species

Images from the History of Medicine – possibly more interesting to a teacher, mainly a database of old medical images

Science Photo Library –  the world’s leading source of high-quality imagery,with  images and video clips covering all  subjects; images come with full captions, produced by a team of science writers.   Fees are required if images are used in projects.

Project Noah – encourage people to reconnect with nature and document local wildlife. You can create and account and upload images you take of nature and wildlife and share with your community and the world.

Nova Evolution – Nova’s new site devoted to evolution; here are the compiled resources for all of Nova’s evolution-related presentations.

 Anatomy and Physiology – partner to, this site mainly focuses on high school anatomy and the cat dissection.

 GetBodySmart – in depth tutorials, images, and quizzes for every system of the body