Resources for Chapter 1 Biology (Bee Book)


Chapter 1 of the Bee Book covers the basics of science methodology and the characteristics of life. It includes an overview of the crosscutting concepts that are used in NGSS and explores phenomenon of how explorers could survive in Antarctica.

You can access the entire curriculum at Biology 1 & 1A , which includes textbook reading guides, labs, and other activities.

I also include an introduction to Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER), since this is a system I use in investigations and data interpretation.

Most of the documents are linked to Google docs. If you want to make any edits to those worksheets you will need to copy the document to your personal drive.

Topics Covered:

– Scientific Method
– Dependent and Independent Variables
– Data Interpretation
– Scientific Theory
– Patterns of Life

Student Activities

Equipment Use Station Lab – An informal activity that also serves as a icebreaker and to get-to-know students.

Early Discoveries in Science – Explore historical science discovers, focusing on claim, evidence, and reasoning

Independent and Dependent Variables – Practice identifying variables by reading short scenarios

Scientific Method in Action – Read about the case of Beri Beri and penicillin, identify controls, variables and draw conclusions from data

Controls and Variable with the Simpsons – Read scenarios and determine variables and controls (revised 2022)

Investigation – Heat Storage – Use glass beakers to explore how different types of insulation affect heat storage.

Shooting the Poop (CER) – Examine a data set that explores how caterpillars keep their shelters clean

Reinforcement: Life and Scientific Method – Practice vocabulary by matching definitions to terms

Assessments and Practice Quizzes

Chapter 1 Test – Available from TpT ( multiple choice with free response)

Practice Quizzes: Scientific Method |

Kahoot – Chapter 1