Practice Feedback Loops of the Endocrine System

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) includes a learning standard about feedback loops and homeostasis. Specifically, students must plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that feedback mechanisms maintain homeostasis.

In my anatomy class, carrying out investigations involves activities where students measure respiration and heart rate as a response to activity. We go into much greater detail on feedback loops within the endocrine system unit.

For students to understand this topic, we spent a few days going over the glands and hormones in the system. The focus is on what each hormone does and their target organs. To practice feedback, loops, students complete this worksheet where they fill in the blanks on a map showing the action of hormones.

Earlier in the year, students looked at the insulin – glucagon feedback loop. Though in this earlier lesson, the loop is graphically shown and students interpret what it shows. The new exercise students actually complete the diagram.

The worksheet includes three diagrams:

Insulin and glucagon in the pancreas

insulin feedback loop

Calcitonin in the thyroid and parathyroid

Antidiuretic hormone in pituitary

You can give students a paper copy of the worksheet or assign the digital version for completion on their devices. The answer key is available at TpT.