Anatomy and Physiology Course with Lesson Links

The Anatomy and Physiology Course Overview with Lesson Links!

I teach anatomy and physiology to juniors and seniors in high school. Most of my students are interested in pursuing education in health fields. I have maintained a class site for over a decade, but the move to using Google classroom has those pages seeing less views. Google docs is also way easier to edit than html.

I have had several requests for the full curriculum with guidelines on time spent for each topic. So I created a Google doc which charts each unit, the slides and notes I provide students and learning activities.

body systems

At a Glance

The course is organized by topics (cells, tissues, systems, etc..) Each unit includes a link to Google Slides which is presented in lecture format. Students are given notes as a handout with information they fill in as we go. These packets also include short exercises to reinforce concepts.

There are many activities and worksheets listed under each topic. I don’t usually do all of them. Anyone who has taught for a long time tends to accumulate resources. I keep them around for students who might need extra support. Sometimes, I keep older files just to change things up from year to year. That being said, keep in mind that this is an extensive collection and I don’t always do everything on the list.

The Details

I also have included specialized resources for my honors students. Anatomy is regular track class, but has an honors section embedded within it. For the most part, these students do the exact same thing as the overall class. Then, they have additional work that is usually done outside of class. Resources marked with a unicorn 🦄 are honors assignments.

I use a lot of case studies in this class. Many are embedded within the lecture slides as a way to build understanding around a particular health condition, like cystic fibrosis. Other cases are intended for students to work on together in small groups, like Diaper Drama, which explores a case of a baby born with duplicate ureters. For a final assignment, honors students must create their own case study 🦄.

You are welcome to use any of these resources and edit them to fit your class and needs. To edit these documents, you will need to go to the file menu and “make a copy.” This puts a version on your drive which can be changed without altering my original.

I do not include assessments with this document because it is freely available to students and other teachers. Tests and Quizzes can be purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.