Muscles: Guided Learning

This activity was created for distance learning during the 2020 pandemic as a substitution for traditional dissections and lessons that involve identifying the muscles and their function.

Each slide has descriptions and images with a task for students to perform, such as labeling a diagram (based on the description) or answering questions about the muscles.

Topics covered are how muscles are named, like the trapezius being named for its shape. The biceps and triceps are focused on to illustrate how muscles work in opposition and there are flexors and extensors.

The concept of origin and insertion are also included where students identify those points on an animated diagram of the biceps femoris.

Many muscle groups are covered to give students a broad overview of the muscles, but it does not include every muscle. You are welcome to modify this document, if you wanted to add other muscles or activities.

To use the document (or edit it) you will need to download a copy to your own drive.

I assign that activity using Google Classroom and give each student a copy to complete on their own. This is done is conjunction with live lessons over Zoom or Meet.