Anatomy for Kids

During the year of the 2020 pandemic, I got the opportunity to write a book! After a lot of hard work, and a learning process on how to write for publication, the book is finally ready to be released. I have enjoyed the process and really challenged myself to create a resource I think kids will really love. Human Anatomy Activity Book For Kids is designed for young learners to explore all of the body systems. Pages are filled with fascinating facts and vibrant images for each body system and on-the page activities for kids to have fun learning.

This is my first book and it has been a great experience to learn the process of writing a book and challenge myself to create something that young learners will love. I also had to get used to deadlines and word counts but I had an amazing editor that helped along the way. I was also fortunate to have a wonderful illustrator who created bright engaging images to go with each chapter and activity.

Each chapter starts with a description of the body system with key vocabulary. Readers get to peruse amazing images on each system with labels that further provide more details on the initial text. Fun facts and trivia are added throughout the texts and illustrations. Each chapter comes with an on-the-page activity to reinforce concepts from the previous pages. Kids label images, do crosswords, matchings and other puzzles.

The following excerpt is from the chapter on bones and the skeletal system. Students are also shown images of a labeled skeleton, the skull, and joints.

Excerpt from Ch 3, Human Anatomy Activity Book for Kids

Even though I teach older kids, I think students of all ages can enjoy this activity book. The content may be challenging for some of the younger readers, but I think they will love it and learn a whole lot about the body. Some of my current and former students have even asked about ordering a copy.

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