Vaccines: Nasal or Shot?

Students read a short article about nasal vaccines and intramuscular vaccines with a focus on the development of a vaccine for coronavirus. Students can listen to or read the article on NPR: Shots about how a nasal vaccine might be more effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus. You can play the podcast version in class, it is about 2 minutes long.

This is a great lesson for an anatomy class when introducing body systems or in the immune system unit. The article discusses systemic immunity versus local immunity. The terms “systemic” and “local” are somewhat foundational for anatomy and medical terminology which is also introduced at the beginning of the year.

Systemic and local immunity are two types of immune responses that the body can mount against pathogens. Systemic immunity refers to the immune response that occurs throughout the entire body. Local immunity refers to the immune response that occurs at the site of infection or exposure to a pathogen