Color the Connective Tissue Matrix


This worksheet was designed for anatomy and physiology students to compliment a lesson on the body tissues.  This coloring exercise is not intended to take very long and is mostly to help students gain an appreciation for the complexity of the matrix. 

The entire unit, which includes google slides and other resources can be seen at the anatomy and physiology class page. Students can also complete a tissue chart to help them remember the location and function.

The unit has an anchoring phenomena on epidermolysis bullosa, or Butterfly Skin Disease. The disease occurs when fibers that attach the skin to underlying tissue don’t work properly. The skin pulls away from the connective tissue and causes painful blisters.

Students should be able to do this worksheet without referencing a textbook, though their notes will help them with the functions of the cells.  Many of my students say that they enjoy doing this short exercises as it gives them a chance to process what they have learned in class.

tissue matrix

Grade Level:  11-12
Time Required:  10-15 minutes