Unit 5: Anatomy & Immunology

How Much Do You Know About Diseases - group activity

Disease Sorting Activity - introduction and classification of disease

Disease Infographic - create an informational graphic on a disease of your choice

Pathology Introduction powerpoint

Disease Transmission (Postulates)

(Case Study) John Snow and the Origin of Epidemiology

Viruses powerpoint

HIV Coloring

(Video) Viral Replication

(Case Study) How to Survive Cholera

(Animations) Replication of a Retrovirus | Viral Lifecycle by HHMI | HIV Replication

Bacteria powerpoint

(Video) Bacteria

Bacteria Lab with Gram Stains

(Case Study) Antibiotic Resistance

Immunology powerpoint

(Videos) The Immune System (BZ) | The Immune System (CC)
(Animation) The Immune Response 

(Interactive) The Adaptive Immune Response at HHMI


Organ System Overview - Jigsaw Lesson (small group presentations)

The Nervous System

Dissection of a Sheep Brain

The Endocrine System

Feedback Loops

The Circulatory System

Dissection of the Heart