Unit 5: Anatomy & Homeostasis

For each of the systems we explore, we will look at how disease states affect the working of the system and how the body maintains homeostasis.

How Much Do You Know About Diseases - group activity

Case Study - Origin of Epidemiology

Introduction to Infectious Diseases powerpoint - things that make you sick and how we study them

This Podcast Will Kill You - MRSA

skull icon Viruses powerpoint - how viruses infect the body

HIV Coloring

(Video) Viral Replication

Animations: Replication Cycle of a Retrovirus |
Viral Lifecycle (HHMI) | HIV Replication

skull iconThe Immune System  powerpoint - how the body responds to viruses (and other pathogens)

(Videos) The Immune System (BZ) | The Immune System (CC)
(Animation) The Immune Response 

(Interactive) The Adaptive Immune Response at HHMI

skull icon Circulatory and Respiratory System

Dissection of the Heart


(Case Study) How to Survive Cholera