Chapter 1: The Science of Biology


Notes: What is Science?

Reading 1.1 What is Science
Reading 1.2 How Scientists Work
Reading 1.3 Studying Life
Reading 1.4 Tools and Procedures

Lab Safety Guidelines

Penny Lab - How is surface tension of water affected by soap?
Identify the Controls and Variables - Read scenarios and determine which aspects are indepedent and dependent variables
The Elephant Poem - a poem about six blind men who try to determine what an elephant looks like based on observations
Applied Methods - read the case of BeriBeri and Penicillin

Chapter 1 Crossword Puzzle
Chapter 1 Review Guide

Scientific Method Practice Quiz

girl with microscope


How to Use the Microscopepresentation

Microscope E Lab - class activity where you leaned how to use the light miscroscope
Microscope Virtual Lab - makeup class lab, or practice your microscope skills

Microscope Coloring - article with questions and coloring

Microscope Parts Quiz - rollover the parts to see the answers, practice
Microscope Quiz - multiple choice over parts and use

Chapter 7: The Cell

Notes over the Cell presentation


Reading 7-1 | Reading 7-2

Cheek Cell Lab | Virtual Cheek Cell Lab (makeup)

Plant Cell Lab | Virtual Plant Cell Lab

Prokaryote Coloring
Animal Cell Coloring
Plant Cell Coloring

Cell City Analogy |
Cells Alive - Internet Lesson

Cell Review Guide

Practice Quiz: Cell Parts

Diffusion and Osmosis

Notes over Diffusion and Osmosis presentation| Active Transport

Diffusion Lab - using plastic bags, iodine, starch and water
Cell Transport Graphic - label the cell membrane

Diffusion and Osmosis Crossword Puzzle / Osmosis Review Guide / Diffusion Quiz

Chapter 10: Cell Division

Notes: Cell Division presentation | Notes: Regulating the Cell Cycle

Reading 10.1 | Reading 10.3

Onion Root Tip - graphic of cells, identify the phases of mitosis
Onion Root Tip Lab - using a microscope and onion slides, count the number in each phase

Mitosis Internet Lesson - view mitosis at and other sites

Cell Cycle (Mitosis) Review Guide - list of things you should know for the test
Cell Cycle Crossword Puzzle - practice your knowledge of terms

Practice Quiz: Mitosis

Chapter 15-17: Evolution

Notes: Evolution

15.1 Reading Guide | 15.3 Reading Guide

Peppered Moth Simulation - using newspaper
Sex and the Single Guppy - online simulator of guppy populations

16.3 Reading Guide (Speciation) | 17.4 Patterns of Evolution

Evolution Crossword | Evolution Concept Map

Evolution Review Guide | Evolution Practice Quiz


Chapter 18: Taxonomy

Notes: Taxonomy and the Six Kingdoms

18.1 Reading Guide | 18.2 Reading Guide

Taxonomy: Interpreting Graphics
Classification - practice your understanding of kingdoms and the classification system

Dichotomous Keys: Norns | Smilies | Pamishans

Taxonomy Project - create a taxonomy scheme for organisms on an alien world (Bio1A)

Cladogram Analysis | Construct a Cladogram (Bio 1A)

Chapter 18 Review Guide | Quiz: Taxonomy

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  • This site serves as a resource site for students in Biology 1& 1A at Granite City High School. The goal of Biology 1& 1A is to provide a general overview of major biological topics. The class includes several labs, including dissections.

    Biology is a freshman level class, aligned to a college-prep curriculum. Most students taking biology intend to enter college after graduation. The resources on this page are aligned to the current textbook, but most can be adapted to any basic biology text. Some items are intended for the honors section, the are labeled as (1A)