1. Discuss types of behavior observed in animals word icon

2. Describe how population sizes are estimated; interpret age structure diagrams and growth curves

3. Understand the concept of community and describe the ecological aspects the influence communities

4. Be able to interpret and create food webs

5. Compare the biogeochemical cycles.

6. Discuss human impacts on the environment and analyze ecological topics such as:

  • Green energy
  • Oil and Fossil Fuels
  • Climate Change
  • Overpopulation
  • Sustainable Agriculture


Lab 11: Isopod Behavior Lab

Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen (simulation)

 Virtual Lab: Waterweed Simulation


Ecology Listmania (intro discussion)

Examining the Stages of Succession


Population Biology (virtual lab)

Article: Zebra Mussels word icon


Quizzes & Review


 Ecology & Biomes



Devil's Pantry (Photo Credit: flickr: Mike_tn)




Ch 45: Animal Behavior
Ch 46: Populations
Ch 47: Communities
Ch 48: Ecosystems
Ch 49: Biomes

Oil spill
Gulf Oil Spill 2010
Photo credit: Dirty South
by flickr user: kk+

Individidual Project, Ecology Article - consider an ecological topic of your choice, analyze a specific article about the topic and share with the class. (Sample: Giant Snails Invade Florida). Be prepared to discuss your article with the class. It is important to choose current, RELEVANT news.