Shannan Muskopf
Master's Degree in Educational Technology



Fetal Pig Dissection - images recorded with Digital Camera 1.1.4 , 2.2.5 I created this website to help my advanced biology students review the fetal pig. I used image maps to create clickable fields so that students could review structures
Sample Spreadsheet 1.2.1 , 2.2.2 Spreadsheet created with microsoft excel, its a simple data table and graph.
Sample Power Point Presentation - Technology Uses (.ppt format, click to advance frame) 1.2.2, 1.3.4 , 4.3.3 This Powerpoint Presentation explains what technology policies are needed in school. Briefly covers issues like "acceptable use" and plagiarism.
Science Department Technology Survey 1.2.4 , 5.5.4 This survey was designed to gather information about the science departments ability to use technology resources.
Software Evaluation - Balloon Car 1.3.1 Paper analyzes the educational uses and design of software. Balloon car builder is a simulation type program where students change design and simulate the car's operation.
Needs Assessment 1.3.2 An analysis of a technology problem within my school district. Interviews and surveys were created to determine the needs of of the staff.
Self Assessment 1.3.2 This was a paper written to assess my teaching styles and philosophy.
Technology Integration Plan (Evolution) 1.3.3 This plan was developed to enhance my curriculum. The plan called for an open ended inquiry based section that used computers and technology to be added to the already established unit on evolution.
Technology Integration Plan (Bioethics) 1.3.3 I developed this plan to supplement a unit on genetics. Students will use a computer to investigate genetic diseases and work in groups to suggest a set of laws related to bioethics.


Donate Blood
Epidemics Webquest
Australia's Animals

1.3.3 All webquests follow the webquest template of introduction, goal, task, process, and evaluation. I use these with my students throughout the school year and post them on my website for other teachers to access.
Ecology Project 1.3.3 This project was created so that students could explore in groups an ecology topic of their choice. The process involves students researching the topic and then creating a mini-lesson to teach to the rest of the class.
Classroom Rules 1.3.4 My posted rules for my freshman biology class, includes a section on use of computers and computer lab.
Q366 Reflection Paper 2.1.1 This paper was written at the end of Q366 and gives a general overview of my experience and understanding of educational technology.
Vision Statement 2.1.1 A vision statement that was written as a requirement for Q366, s a very descriptive analysis of my views of technology and education.
Budget Analysis - Total Cost of Ownership 2.1.2 , 3.2.4 The document analyses the numbers and locations of equipment and estimates the financial cost on a district of technology, which includes repair, acquisition, upgrades, and replacements.
Desktop Publishing Document - Haunted Barn (.doc format) 2.2.1 Simple document I created to promote the science club's haunted barn - a yearly money raising project for the club. Shows my ability to create a desktop publishing document
Fish Lab -worksheet 2.2.5 , 4.2.4 This is an actual worksheet I use in my class when we study fish. Illustrates my ability to incorporate images and graphics into handouts and instructional materials.
QX3 Images - Insect Wing 2.2.6 Images created with intel's QX3 microscope. Microscope attaches to computer and the computer is used to manipulate images.
Web Form Email 2.3.2 A form I have on my website for visitors to contact me. Uses php.
Instructional Design - Initial Concept 2.4.1 This is a general overview of a staff development program I created as a requirement for Instructional Systems Design. Program goal was to improve science teachers' ability to find and use resources on the web. 2.3.3 , 2.4.8 My personal homepage. It contains biology resources, lessons I created, and other resources related to my field. Represents a three year process of transferring science resources to site and creating a professional looking resource for other science teachers to access and use.
Instructional Design - Implementation 2.4.2 This is the document that shows how a staff development program was implemented and includes appendices and specific instructional materials.
Bioethics Survey (using 2.4.3 This survey is used with the Bioethics lesson. It uses a web based survey instrument to record and compile data.
Crossword created with HotPotatoes 2.4.5 Illustrates the use of a simple program to create web-based instructional materials.
Quiz - Microscopy (online quiz) 2.4.5 Quiz created at Students take this quiz after an internet lesson on microscopy to check their understanding. Quiz is self-scoring.
Biologycorner Resource Links 2.4.10 A section of my website that compiles a list of resources for various topics in science and education.
Team Evaluation Sheet for Ecology Project 3.1.13 Shows a method of evaluation of a project where students self assess their own work and evaluate their peers.
Rubric for Evolution Webquest 3.1.13 Illustrates a method of evaluation used for webquests. Rubric assesses the end product and the process.
Rivers Project Grant 3.2.4 , 5.4.2 A grant proposal for a project where students collect data on local watersheds, includes a section for the acquisition of technology materials, such as a laptop and web space for reporting.
Philosophy of Learning 4.1.3 Describes my philosophy of learning.
Program Experience 4.5.1 Lists all the programs I have used and am familiar with.
Microscope Instruction (.ppt format, click to advance)
4.3.3 A powerpoint presentation I use in my class when teaching students how to use a microscope.
Article Critique 4.1.1 Analyzes a published research paper and explores the methodology of the research.
Research Proposal 4.1.1 , 4.1.6 Final project for Q450, document describes a problem that can be solved through research and details how research should be conducted.
Mollusk Worksheet 2.2.5 , 4.2.4 A simple worksheet I use in my classroom that illustratess the use of graphics and tables to create instructional materials.
Biology Curriculum Revision (sample page) 5.1.1 Curriculum for Biology 3A which integrates technology and aligns to state standards, coincides with school improvement plan
Lesson Plan: Virtual Mouse House 5.1.1 One lesson plan used to incorporate technology, submitted as part of school improvement plan.
Create a Webpage for Your Class (.doc format) 5.2.2 A pamphlet given to teachers that helps them use a program (3D writer) to create webpages for their classes.
Using the World Wid Web to Enhance Science Instruction (evaluation report) 5.3.1 An evaluation of a staff development program designed to help science teachers use the world wide web to supplement lessons.
My library 5.3.3 A list of all the educational technology books I have in my personal library.
Technology Plan Review of Hawthorne School District 5.5.1 Review of a school's technology plan, a project completed before developing a school improvement plan for Granite City High School
Staff Development Plan for Granite City High School 5.5.1 A plan that addresses the needs of the staff at the high school to use and integrate technology.
Staff Development Plan for Salam R80 School District - group project 5.5.3 A staff development plan group project, develeoped for Salem R80 school district.
Technology Staffing Plan 5.5.4 A plan for the school district to address staffing needs with regard to technology.
Human Genetics Web Project 5.6.3 A web based project that integrates technology. Students produce a power point presentation on genetic diseases.