Shannan Muskopf
Master's Degree in Educational Technology



Professional studies in educational computing and technology combine leadership skills and concepts with knowledge about use of computers and related technologies in schools. Advanced programs preparing educators for a specialty in educational computing and technology require studies of and experiences with leadership, staff development, and supervisory concepts and skills as they relate to use of technology-based systems in K12 education.

Reflection: This competency reflects a body of knowledge about effective leadership and implementing strategies for reform. I have worked with my school's technology committee to develop a set of goals for the integration of technology into school curriculum. I have also experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of enacting reform and value changes among the staff. The School Improvement Plan also requires my district to improve the area of technology and learning, so my job is twofold - analyzing state requirements and implementing the school improvement plan in my own curriculum, and also work with the technology committee to improve the overall state of technology resources in the district and how they are used.

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5.1 Instructional Program Development.

Candidates will develop curricular plans based on local, state, and national standards for the use of computers and other associated technologies.

5.1.1 describe and analyze accepted principles of strategic planning to facilitate curriculum design for teaching with computers and related technologies.

The School Improvement Plan in my district included full day workshops to analyze the Illinois State Standards and develop strategies for including technology in the science curriculum. I was on the committee to analyze standards related to biology and discuss ways of incorporating technology into the established curriculum.

Biology Curriculum Revision (sample page)

5.1.2 identify and use national, state, and local guidelines to develop curriculum plans for integrating technology in the K12 environment.

I have participated in workshop developments to improve the use of technology within the science curriculum. I have designed technology related curriculum that follow state standards as a part of my the School Improvement Plan for my district. The science curriculum was changed as a result of state standards and a need to include technology in the curriculum. As a part of this process, I developed a set of lesson plans related to biology which was submitted to the state to show our efforts in the School Improvement Project. The lesson plan listed is a worksheet students use to coincide with a virtual mouse breeding program. The students manipulate characteristics of mice and breed them to determine how traits are inherited in the mouse population. This lesson as well as others for each science class are on file at the district.

Lesson Plan: Virtual Mouse House

5.2 Teaching Methodology.

Candidates will apply effective methods and strategies for teaching the use of technology tools.

5.2.1 demonstrate methods for teaching hypermedia development, scripting, and/or computer programming in a problem solving context in K12 schools.

I have worked closely with my school's technology director to improve the functionality of the school's network and web site. I have suggested that a student dropbox (folder) be included on the network so that students can submit assignments to teachers withough having to print them out. I have also suggested that the school's announcements be scripted to the website using a javascript application that writes to the webpage independently of ftp access so that the student office workers can type announcements into a form and have them posted onto the school's website. These suggestions were in response to specific problems the district was having regarding printer sharing and communication.

5.2.2 demonstrate methods for teaching at least one modern authoring tool to colleagues and students.

I am in the process of developing a web-based tutorial that will help teachers create web sites for their classes. In addition to this work in progress, I have taught specific skills to my students on how to create word publishing documents to present projects and assignments, such as power point and microsoft word.

Create a Webpage for Your Class (.doc format)

5.2.3 demonstrate methods for teaching uses of media-based tools such as television, audio, print media, and graphics.

I have informally instructed other teachers in the use of technology tools such as microsoft word, and image editors. Science teachers seem to have an interest in creating their own images and graphics to support lessons. Usually, I speak with teachers one-on-one about the type of graphics they are interested in and provide them with tips and techniques for accomplishing their goals.

5.2.4 demonstrate methods for teaching social, ethical, and legal issues and responsible use of technology.

I speak to my students at the beginning of the year about legal and ethical uses of computers. The first trip to the computer lab with my freshman includes a lesson on acceptable and non acceptable uses of the technology. Students are required to follow district guidelines set for them and my class guidelines about copying articles, images and other media.

5.3 Staff development.

Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of issues and models related to leadership in staff development. Candidates will plan and design staff development activities for educational settings.

5.3.1 plan and design staff development programs.

I have designed staff developed programs that relate to science and the internet. The technology committee is currently working on a staff development workshop that will train staff members in the use of the school's internet library. I am currently working on this project with the technology committee. As a part of my class requiremens for Q471, I planned and implemented a staff development workshop to improve science teachers' abilities to use the world wide web to create lesson plans to supplement their curriculum.

Using the World Wid Web to Enhance Science Instruction (evaluation report)

5.3.2 describe and identify resources for staff development.

I find the internet to be a valuable resource in designing documents for staff development. I have used various websites to train others in effective searching and analyzing the validity of web sites. I have also a large library of technology related books and program guides.

My library

5.3.3 plan and customize staff development based on differing audiences including school and district decision makers.

I have created staff development plans for a wide variety of audiences, for instance, I have a internet workshop designed for science teaching staff. I also have workshop scheduled that invites teachers from the county to learn how to use the Qx3 microscope. Projects I have also worked on are freshman orientation presenations and general student body presentations.

5.4 Facilities and Resource Management.

Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of issues related to facilities and resource management.

5.4.1 describe and use budget planning and management procedures related to educational computing and technology facilities and resources.

I have surveyed the school's facilities and make recommendations to the technology director regarding the acquirment of new resourrces such as hardware, software and peripheral devices. I am also aware of grant oppurtunities in the area of science and technology and routinely write grant proposals to help offset the costs of technology on the school district.

5.4.2 identify funding sources available at local, state, or national levels and collaborate on development of a grant proposal.

I have written grants for my coursework at the Univeristy of Missouri. I have also written grants to acquire new equipment for the science department and for my classroom.

Rivers Project Grant Proposal

5.4.3 plan, develop, implement, and evaluate strategies and procedures for resource acquisition and management of technology-based systems including hardware and software.

I visit various technology resource sites on the web and watch for grant opportunities. I have also completed a facilities survey of my district so I have a fair idea of what kinds of software and hardwara are needed. In addition to that, I also take requests from teachers in the science department for software and help them fill out the proper forms to request the software.

5.4.4 identify, describe, and analyze procedures related to basic trouble shooting, preventive maintenance, and procurement of system-wide maintenance services.

I am mostly self taught in trouble shooting and preventative maintenance due to having a computer network in my own home long before the school ever got theirs. I am always reminding students and teachers to keep back-ups of their documents and helping teachers fix minor computer problems. When the problem is beyond my skill, I fill out the form to request the technology director address the problem

5.4.5 describe and maintain current information involving facilities planning issues related to computers and related technologies.

I read articles related to the development of new technology and have discussed with the technology committe ways of managing the current resources and sharing resources among the staff and students. As a tech team member, we spend a lot of time organizing information on what technology we have, and what technology is needed.

5.4.6 design and develop policies and procedures concerning staffing, scheduling, and security for managing computers and technology in a variety of instructional and administrative school settings.

I have developed a technology plan for my district, which was later built upon and rrevised by the technology committee. We also developed the school's Acceptable Use Policy and meet regularly to discuss issues related to technology. Issues such as staff development and security have all been discussed in the school's technology committee meetings.

5.5 Managing the Change Process.

Candidate will demonstrate knowledge of strategies for and issues related to managing the change process in schools.

5.5.1 evaluate school and district technology plans and recommend improvements.

I have evaluated school technology plans of other schools in order to revise and improve my districts own technology plan. I have reviewed guides and resources related to the development of technology plans and have analyzed other districts technology plans listed at and determined what elements could be improved in my own district's plan.

Technology Plan Review of Hawthorne School District | Staff Development Plan for Granite City High School

5.5.2 discuss issues relating to building collaborations, alliances, and partnerships involving educational technology initiatives.

I have participated in discussions that address the role of the community in educational technology. One aspect of my school's technology plan is to include local businesses in technology planning and resource acquisition.

5.5.3 demonstrate knowledge of effective group process skills.

A large amount of my distance learning experience has involved group projects and discussions. I have worked collaboratively to create grant proposals, staff development plans, and analyze various aspects of educational technology.

Staff Development Plan for Salam R80 School District - group project

5.5.4 use evaluation findings to recommend modifications in technology implementations.

I have performed various summative and formative evaluations of technology plans and proposals. I have distributed surveys and gathered data on technology use and attitudes, the data then being uses to plan and revise the district's technology plan

Technology Staffing Plan | Staff Survey

5.6 Field Experiences.

Candidates will participate in field experiences that allow them to (1) observe the use of technology to support instruction, the management of technology resources in educational settings, and the evaluation of effectiveness of technology resources for teaching and learning; and (2) apply technology resources to support instruction in classroom settings.

5.6.1 observe and compare methods and strategies used in educational technology in a variety of authentic educational settings (e.g., elementary, middle, secondary, adaptive assistive classrooms, labs).

Because I am a classroom teacher working on a master's degree in educational technology, I gain the insights and experiences of applying what I learn to real classroom settings. I have designed and implemented web based lessons in my own classes and revised them according to these student trials.

5.6.2 develop and teach a series of lessons that apply technology resources to support instruction.

I have developed lessons that apply technology both for the educational technology classes and for my school's improvement plan. Most of these lessons are on file in the the school's science office, though some are located online on my classroom website.

5.6.3 document and assess a significant field-based activity involving experiences in instructional program development, staff development, facilities and resource management, or managing change related to technology use in schools.

I have experienced and participated in many field-based activities that develop technology plans, staff training and resource management. Most of my experience comes from working as a classroom teacher and a member of the school's technology committee.

Human Genetics Web Project

5.6.4 document and assess experiences in implementing a WAN or LAN with Internet connectivity.

I assisted the technology coordinator with the wiring and connectivity of a new lab in the school district. The lab was equipped with 30 computers each connected to a router which was then connected to the school's backbone server. I also am the technical liason in the science department and assist with connectivity problems with the lab computers and the functionality of the printers. Usually, this assistance requires the checking of wires and setting computers to act as servers for the peripheral devices.