Shannan Muskopf
Master's Degree in Educational Technology



Program Experience


Macintosh Platform

Fetch - this program is a simple FTP (file transfer protocol) that I use to upload and download documents to servers.

Appleworks - this program is the Macintosh version of Word, it creates text documents, spreadsheets, publishing, and simple graphics. It also includes functions to export and import documents from other platforms.

IRCLE - this is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client that allows the user to log onto chat networks, such as undernet and dalnet.

Macjordomo - a listserv client, I use this program to manage the science department mailing list.

Stuffit - a file compression program. It allows files to be compressed or expanded, similar to WinZip

Windows Platform

Microsoft Word - a word processing program, I use this to create text documents and handouts for my class. It also has an import and export function to translate documents from other platforms and can be used to create html documents.

Microsoft Excel - this is a spreadsheet program that can be used to organize and compile data, and create charts and graphs

Microsoft PowerPoint - I use this to create multimedia presentations for my students and for the faculty.

FTP Commander - a simple FTP program I use to upload and download documents from servers.

mIRC - an IRC program

Crossword Compiler - this program allows me to make crossword puzzles that I use to reinforce vocabulary with my students.

Windows Media Player - a program that is used to view various media, such as movies, sounds, and streaming video/music

CoffeeCup Firestarter - this program creates simple shockwave media. It is much more user friendly that other programs that create shockwave documents, but it has limitations.

Adaptec CD Creator - this program is useful for storing information onto CD Roms. Can be used for rewritable and recordable CD creation.

WinZip - this program allows files to be compressed so that they can be easily stored or transferred.

Gradequick - this program allows me to record and average grades, track attendance and publish student reports of progress.

Cross Platform (Both Windows and Macintosh)

Macromedia Dreamweaver - a web publishing application, I use this to create web sites.

Macromedia Fireworks - an image editing application, this can be used to create buttons, banners, and animated images for the web.

Macromedia Flash - this program is used to create shockwave media that can be imbedded into web pages.

Outlook - an email client, I use outlook and outlook express on both my macintoshes and windows pc's.

ICQ - an internet messaging system, this application is installed on all my computers so that friends and family can contact me while I'm online.

Internet Explorer - a web browser, used on both platforms, what I normally use to surf the web

Netscape Navigator - another web browser, I use this one occassionally to evaluate my web pages to make sure they are compatible with all browsers.

Quicktime - this program opens various media: music, videos, movies. I have this set as my browser preference to open related media.