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Urinary System Wordsearch


1. ____________________________ Stores urine before it is excreted
2. ____________________________ The renal pelvis is divided into the major and the minor ___ (singular)
3. ____________________________ Surrounds the glomerulus (also called "Bowman's ___ )
4. ____________________________ Duct that stores urine that has passed through the distal tubule
5. ____________________________ The outer area of the kidney, it forms a shell around the medulla.
6. ____________________________ An inflammation of the bladder, also known as a bladder infection
7. ____________________________ A procedure that cleans the blood of patients who do not have functioning kidneys
8. ____________________________ A tangled cluster of blood capillaries, filtration starts here.
9. ____________________________ The renal artery gives rise to these arteries, which pass between the renal pyramids
10. ___________________________ Bean shaped organ that lies on either side of the vertebral column and filters the blood
11. ___________________________ The inner region of the kidney, which contains the renal pyramids
12. ___________________________ The act of urination
13. ___________________________ The functional unit of the kidney.
14. ___________________________ A funnel shaped sac found within the renal sinus; renal ____
15. ___________________________ The depression on the medial side of the kideny; renal ____
16. ___________________________  Occurs in the proximal tubule, water is returned to the blood
17. ___________________________ Tubes that lead from the kidney and deliver blood to the bladder
18. ___________________________ This tube carries urine outside the body
19. ___________________________ Type of epithelium that lines the bladder
20. ___________________________ A word that means "pertaining to the kidneys"

Word Bank: Renal, Bladder, Ureter, Micturation, Cortex, Kidney, Urine, Medulla, Nephron, Cystitis, Interlobar, Collecting, Pelvis, Glomerulus, Sinus, Calyx, Urea, Capsure, Urethra, Dialysis