The Digestive System Coloring: Anatomy and Physiology

digestive system

circle Stomach
circle Liver
circle Esophagus
circle Pharynx
circle Common Bile Duct
circle Transverse Colon
circle Descending Colon
circle Ascending Colon
circle Sigmoid Colon
circle Jejunum
circle Ileum
circle Duodenum
circle Pancreas
circle Gallbladder
circle Appendix
circle Rectum


1. The pancreatic duct delivers chemicals to what part of the digestive system?

2. After food leaves the small intestine, where does it go?

3. Name the three sections of the small intestine, starting with the section directly after the stomach:

4. Name the sections of the large intestine starting from the cecum.

5. What valve is between the small and large intestine?

6. On the diagram, sketch and label the two valves found in the stomch.