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1. Different cells of the body have different ____________________.

2.  Check all that are alive:

Happy family      Active Volcano     Sponge cake     Sea sponge

3.  The word “membrane” means: a)  big puddle           b)  open door            c)  thin skin

4.  How are the cells of the body like a house?

a) the doors of the house can move
b) each room  has a different job
c) both have different levels, or floors

5.  What plant is used to make sauerkraut? _________________

6.   Metamorphosis refers to what process?

a) a cell expanding and then dividing
b)  flexing of muscles during exercise
c)  a caterpillar turning into a moth

7.  What organ of your body grows the fastest? ___________________

8.  What are genes made of? __________________

9.  How many cells are in an egg? _______________

10.  What is needed to grow a seed into a plant? ____________________

11.  What protein makes blood cells red?    a)  lactose       b)  hemoglobin    c) insulin

12.  What cells in your body are never replaced?   a)  nerve   b)  muscle      c) skin

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