Final Exam Review Guide - Biology 2 and 2A

Dragonfly Book (1998-2022)

Over all chapters covered during the spring semester of biology.
The test is a multiple choice test consisting of 150 questions.
The test is worth 20% of your grade in Biology2 (or 2A)

How to calculate your grade:

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Chapters Covered

  • Chapter 3:  The Biosphere
  • Chapter 4:  Ecosystems & Communities
  • Chapter 5:  Populations
  • Chapter 11:  Introduction to Genetics
  • Chapter 12:  DNA
  • Chapter 13: Genetic Engineering
  • Chapter 14:  The Human Genome
  • Chapter 30:  Nonvertebrate Chordates, Fishes, and Amphibians
  • Chapter 31:  Reptiles and Birds
  • Chapter 32: Mammals
  • Chapter 34: Animal Behavior

Steps for effective studying:

Review Guides for Each Unit


Anatomy (frog and pig)



Plants * May not be tested every year

Practice Quizzes


Vertebrates - characteristics and members of each major group

Frog Anatomy - label the structures of a frog (organs in abdominal cavity)

Frog Anatomy (mouth) - flashcards and quiz over the structures of the frog's mouth

Vertebrate Vocabulary - covers the main vocabulary from this section


Genetics Basic Vocabulary - Mendel's experiments and terms related to genetics

Basic Genetics Crosses - practice with Punnett squares and guinea pigs


Ecology Basic Vocabulary - Major terms related to this unit, such as ecoysystem and community