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Newton's 3 Laws



Disney - The Science of Imagineering - Energy

 1. Energy is the ability to do ______________________,
which is the transfer of ___________________.

2. What is mechanical energy? ____________________________________

3. The center steering wheel of the cups in the mad tea party ride are used to:
a. spin the cup
b. move the cup up and down
c. drive the cup over the track

4. The Law of Conservation of Energy states the energy cannot be _________________________ or _________________________.

5. The final result of the work energy process is _____________ energy.

6. In the water slide, how do the riders put their own energy into the system?
a. by crossing their arms and legs walking up the stairs
c. by turning on the water

7. As you slide down the waterslide, the potential energy is converted to _______________________ energy.

8. What type of energy powers the cars on the Test Track?
a. hydraulics b. gravity c. electricity

9. What renewable energy is used at Disney?
a. wind b. hydroelectric c. solar panels

10. On Expedition Everest, what happens to the train when it reaches the broken tracks?
a. it reverses direction
b. it jumps over the tracks goes into a corkscrew turn