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Levers and Pulleys

Disney - The Science of Imagineering
Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion

1. A change in velocity also means a change in:
a. gravity b. acceleration c. time

2. An object at rest will stay at rest unless it is acted upon by a(n):
a. friction b. machine c. unbalanced force

3. What forces opposes objects sliding against each other?
a. friction b. gravity c. air resistance

4. What allowed the intern to move the large Kugel ball?
a. a lever b. a pulley c. water

5. (Newton Nugget) The effect of the ball on the earth is negligible because the earth is: a. also round b. also spinning c. so much larger

6. On the rocket, the motor propels the rocket forward, but what keeps the rocket moving in a circle? a. the cable b. a reverse motor c. the wings

7. As you paddle a boat, you demonstrate Newton’s Third Law. For every _____ there is an opposite _______.
a. push, pull b. mass , weight c. action, reaction

8. When one object, like a bumper car, crashes into another object, the _________ is transferred. a. gravity b. momentum c. friction

9. As the roller coaster car takes off, the cars acceleration causes what reaction to happen to its riders?
a. they get pushed back in their seat b. they feel like they are falling

10. What is the function of the water jets on the water slide?
a. spray observers b. slow the slide down c. propel riders over hills

*Bonus Question: What was the name of Asa’s intern? _______________

Extension: For each of Newton's 3 Laws, make a sketch that illustrates those laws.