Bones Season 6, Episode 17 - The Feet on the Beach

1.  Why is Dr. Filmore at the scene?
a  He is the Canadian chief of police    b He is a podiatrist        
c   He knows the victims     d He found the bodies

2. What is a conversion disorder?

a An irregular bone in the foot     
b A fear of dead bodies
c The inability to control anger     
d A physical manifestation of a mental disorder

3. Why was the bum's DNA found at the crime scene?
a  He was the brother of a victim  b He was in an accident nearby         
c He traded shoes with one of the victims       d He was walking his dog

4. Stripes on the talus suggest that the feet:
a  belonged to a modelb were female c  were outside for days  d were cut

5. What helped determine where the feet came from?
a weather patterns      b a DNA library   
c  an eyewitness    d a trail left behind by the killer

6. Why did the body at the body farm explode?
a  it was filled with dynamite    b it was stored under pressure      
c  gasses in the digestive tract    d it was out in the rain

7. What helped scientists discover where marijuana was being grown?
a  an eyewitness    b  spider silkc  satellite photos    d drug dogs

8. The groundskeeper refers to himself as a:
a dropoutb  professor of poopc  silent observerd cadaver technician

9. What does Sweets suggest Dr. Filmore do?
a  take tylenol    b  confront Dr. Brennanc  try yoga     d go back to Canada

10. Hodgins wasinterested in the Drone Fly and other odd insects because they:
a wouldn't normally be in that area     b could contain victim DNA 
c  were being raised by the killer     d are only found near marijuana plants

11. The left navicular bone had an irregularity because:
a the victim was asymmetrical   b the victim had a disorder    
c  it had been gnawed on by an animal     d it had been cut

12. The irregularities of the bones suggest that the victim was killled by:
a   crocodiles  b  a lawn mower      c  a chain saw       d a hatchet

13. How was the killer able to obscure time of death?
a  he put bug food on the body    b he dismembered the body    
c  he bleached the bones       d he gave drugs to the victim

14. Who killed Dillon McElroy?
a  the room-mateb  Norman, the grad studentc    the groundskeeperdthe professor who runs the farm

15. How was Dr. Filmore able to regain control of his arm?
a  He solved the case    b He found better medication      
c He talked to Dr. Brennan       d He exercised