Bones Season 1; Episode 14
"The Man on the Fairway"

During the investigation, 3 mysterious bones were found. Information was gathered about these bones and from that, certain aspects of the victim were established.

Match the bone detail with the victim.

1. ____ Epiphyseal fusion

2. ____ Polish on Vertebrae

3. ____ Weathering and Discoloration

4. ____ Nasal ridges

a. length of time bones were there
b. age
c. ethnicity/race
d. arthritis

5. How did the team determine that the body was placed in a wood chipper?


6. Wear on the cuboid and medial malleus bones suggest what about the victim?


7. Putting the pig in the wood chipper helped the team determine what?

8. How did the team determine that the bones did not belong to the man's missing father?


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