Alien Taxonomy

You are an alien taxonomist. Your job is to classify the aliens found on the planet Bizarro-World. You have noted that there are two main groups of organisms on this planet: a group of humanoid like organisms that live on the land, and a group of fish like organisms that live in the water.

The fish like organisms are photosynthetic and get their food from Bizarro-Sun, the humanoids eat the fish-like organisms.

Because there are so few species, your taxonomic scheme will only use Kingdom, Phylum, Genus and Species. Create a flow chart showing the organisms taxonomic structure, and make up names for the taxa. Give all of the aliens a scientific name. The aliens on Bizarro-World are pictured below, cut them out to help you organize the groups.

humanoid alienfish alienhumanoid alienhumanoid alien
humanoid alienfish alienfish alien
fish alienhumanoid alienfish alien
fish alienfish alienhumanoid alienhumanoid alien