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Virtual Lab - Dependent and Independent Variables


Introduction: In this lab, you will use a simulation to further your understanding of independent and dependent variables. You will be studying the level of European Corn Borer infestation in various environments.

Open the Simulator at:
(alternately, use google to search for "mhhe virtual labs")

1. Read the introduction. You will change the independent variable, then you will observe and measure the dependent variable. In this experiment, what will always be the dependent variable?


2. Explain what is meant by the term "yield" with regard to this experiment. What factors can affect a corn's yield?


3. Open the Greenhouse Handbook and scan to find information about Bt corn. What makes Bt corn different from the other variety? What is the purpose of creating Bt corn?


4. What are some questions or worries that people might have about transgenic plants?


5. Read the instructions for setting up your chambers. Here you can make some decisions about what level of ECB infestation you will start with. Record your measurements in the data table.

Corn Variety Level of ECB infestation Pot 1 Yield Pot 2 Yield Pot 3 Yield Average

6. Describe the effects of the ECB infestations you used. Were all corn varieties equally effective at controlling the ECB? How do you know?


7. Did the level of ECB infestation change your results?


8. What is the purpose of taking an average?