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Reinforcement: Scientific Processes


experiment responding observing quantitative
manipulated qualitative hypothesis theory
evidence law natural inference

1.  Science is a body of knowledge that explains the ________________world.

2.  Gathering information with the senses: ________________________.

3.  A logical interpretation based on observations: ____________________________.

4.  All claims in science should be supported by  ____________________________.

5. Type of data that is measured with numbers; example: temperature of water: ___________________________

6.  Type of data that is in the form of a description; example:  color of the water: ___________________________

7.  A proposed explanation that can be tested: _________________________________

8.  A step-by-step procedure that is used to test a hypothesis:  _____________________

9.  The thing that the scientist changes in an experiment:  _______________________________ variable

10.  What is measured or observed in an experiment: _________________________________ variable

11.  In science, a  ______________________ combines observations and explains WHY.  ( Ex. Evolution )

12.  In science, a _______________________ is used to make predictions, telling us WHAT will happen

Analyzing Data

The graph shows the number of shrimp hatched at different temperatures. 


What is the manipulated variable?   ___________________________________
What is the responding variable?      __________________________________

How would you summarize or caption this graph?  In one sentence, connect the two variables.