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Evolution Crossword

crossword puzzle

2. structures that are similar in different species
5. a characteristic that helps an organism survive
9. when one species evolves into many; adaptive ____
10. pattern of evolution where a species is stable for a long time then rapidly changes; _____ equilibrium
12. the name of Darwin's book; the ___ of species
13. process by which evolution occurs; natural ______
17. had different shaped shells depending on the island they were from
18. well-supported testable explanation
20. when two species evolve together
21. natural selection is also known as the survival of the ______
22. islands that Darwin visited
23. principle that states that living species are descended from ancient ones; descent with ______
24. the name of the ship that darwin traveled on


1. when two unrelated organisms look alike (sharks & dolphins)
3. refers to the variety of living things
4. when organisms disappear from the earth
6. proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection
7. formation of new species
8. change over time
11. required for new species to form
14. preserved remains of ancient organisms
15. had different shaped beaks depending on the island they were from
16. the study of the earth
19. structures that have no current function