Disease Infographic

When health care organizations need to get information to the public, they use a variety of media to highlight what the public should know about a disease. Posters might be placed in doctor's offices, airports and train stations. Pamphlets might be distributed as schools, and memes and graphics might be shared over social media.

Examples of infographics created by the C.D.C to educate the public about ebola.

ebola screening    ebola outbreak

More graphics can be found at the Centers for Disease Control Website

Your Assignment

Create an infographic of a disease - choose one from the communicable disease list we discussed in class or potentially create one for a disease not on the list (with approval).

Infographics will be created using piktochart.com where you will design your graphic and then share the link with your instructor and classmates.

Assignment Due Date: ___________________________


Your grade will be based on the depth of information, organization and creativity.

  Excellent (4) Good (3) Adequate (2) Minimal (1)
Origins , History, Symptoms (general info)        
Mode of Transmission / Prevention        
Cures / Treatments / Living with Disease        
Statistics in the form of a graph or chart (look under tools)        
Relevant and Engaging Images        
Resources / Citations included (at least 2 quality sources)