Diffusion and Osmosis



1. channel ____; helps move materials across membrane
2. a major component of the cell membrane
5. prefix that means "inside"
6. diffusion of water
8. when molecules are evenly spread out
10. taking in of large particles by the cell


3. transport that requires energy
4. solution has a greater concentration of molecules
7. type of transport that does not require energy
9. outer boundary of the cell
11. turns purple in the presence of starch, indicator
12. movement of molecules from high to low concentration
13. a difference in concentrations
14. lets some things through; selectively _____
15. solution has a lesser concentration of molecules

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Other Resources on Osmosis and Diffusion

Observe Diffusion in a Bag - (Bio1) model diffusion using a plastic baggie, iodine and a beaker.   This article explains what happens

Transport Across the Cell Membrane - simple diagram shows how molecules enter the cell through diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and osmosis

Investigation: Why Are Cells So Small? - use bromothymol blue and agar to model how diffusion occurs in cells

Observing Osmosis - use an egg, vinegar, corn syrup, will take a few days