Diffusion and Osmosis



2. condition achieved when molecules are evenly spread in an area
3. when a solution as a greater concentration of particles
4. turns color in the presence of starch
5. the engulfing of large particles
7. prefix that means "outside"
9. the diffusion of water
11. active transport will remove ___ ions, while taking in potassium ions
12. channel ___ can help move things across the membrane
16. organelle that helps remove excess water; ______ vacuole
18. the outer boundary of the cell


  1. type of transport that requires energy
  2. when a solution has a lesser concentration of particles
  3. type of transport that does not require energy
  4. prefix that means "inside"
  5. movement of molecules from high to low concentration
  6. a molecule composed of two hydrogens and one oxygen
  7. a solution that has an equal amount of particles
  8. membranes that let some things through, called selectively ______
  9. the maintaining of an internal balance
  10. word that means "cell"
  11. a difference in concentration creates a concentration _