Making Slime

Introduction: Show a teacher prepared version of slime, and explain briefly what a polymer is, tell the class that their task is to make a polymer but they won't be getting instructions. They'll get materials and they must figure it out on their own and report the actual steps needed back to the teacher.

Materials Needed

1. Glue *
2. Water
3. Stirring rods
4. Beakers
5. Water
6. Graduated Cylinder
7. Food coloring (optional)
8. Borax solution ( 1 gram of borax dissolved in 500 ml of water)

To save on materials cost you may want to give groups portioned amounts of glue and caution them to be conservative.

Instructions for making slime (though students may come across variations - the sequence is important)

1. Mix 40ml of glue to 25 ml of water in a beaker
2. Stir borax solution into the mixture
3. Stir until mixture solidifies
4. Add food coloring

Students should report the steps they took to create their own slime - which may vary from the steps given above.