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recycle symbol

Recycle City


Instructions: Type in the above link, when the page opens, go to the link: "Recycle city" --it's the green road sign. You'll now see a picture of the city. Recycle city is divided into 4 quadrants (northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest). All the parts of the city are clickable! You'll need to explore the city to complete this quest.

1. Name ways that each of these items can be reused, instead of throwing them away.

Cardboard box:

Plastic milk cartoon:

Glass jar:


2. Where in Recycle City where you can get information on what to do with leftover cleaning products. Why is it important that we not throw chemicals into the regular trash?


3. Visit some houses in Recycle City. Make a list of 4 hazardous wastes that can be found in those houses.


4. Cruise around Recycle City and write down 2 tips you can use to reduce pollution and waste that come from cars.


5. Gas stations aren't just places to fill up the tank. Can you find 2 things that Shaq at the Recycle City gas station does to help the environment?

6. Identify 2 recycling activities that Recycle City students use to help raise money for class projects.


7. Name 4 car parts that can be re-used rather than thrown away.


8. Find at 3 places in Recycle City where books are resold or reused.


9. Harlin Hazzard of the Recycle City Hazardous Waste Center wants to hire you as his assistant manager. Before you can accept, you must name the 4 characteristics that make hazardous waste hazardous.


10. You've been hired to build a landfill for a neighboring community. Use Recycle City's landfill to help you. What are the 5 layers that a landfill needs to be safe?


11. How can your family could cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive at home?


12. Name 3 places in Recycle City can you find used tires. Look carefully.


13. Look at some businesses in Recycle city. List 2 things businesses can do to reduce the amount of waste.


14. What are compost bins?

Name two places in recycle city where you can find a compost bin?


Play the Dumptown Game

Click on the link on the road sign that says "Dumptown Game". Carefully read the instructions before playing the game. The overall idea is that you start with a dumpy dirty city, and you will start recycling programs that will improve your city

1. Your goal is to reduce the amount of paper going into the landfill, while spending as little money as possible. Determine what combination of programs will cause the greatest effect for the least cost. (Remember, you're only worried about paper at this point)

What combination of programs did you use?
Check the bar graph, how many tons of paper and cardboard did you end up with?_________
How much did it cost ?___________

2. Now try to reduce the overall waste in the city. You cannot spend more that $200,000. Try different combinations of programs to determine which combinations will get you the most benefits for you money.

What combination of programs did you use?
Total Waste recovered?_________
How much did it cost ?___________