ratRat Anatomy Checklist

Throughout the course of the investigation, you will be to stop and have your instructor check your progress. At each checkpoint, you should have the box initialed by your instructor to ensure adequate progress. You will turn this sheet in at the end of the investigation.

Alternatives: Instructor may check on your lab guide or have you take photos to show progress.

1. Rat skinned and muscles exposed. [ Instructor initials_____________ ]
2. Remove muscles from one hind leg to expose the femur, tibia, and fibula. [ _____________ ]
3. Pinning the structures of the head and neck. [ _____________ ]
4. Pinning the organs of the digestive system. [ _____________ ]
5. Removal and dissection of the kidney, opening of the stomach and small intestines. [ initials_____________ ]
6. Pinning the urogenital organs. [ Instructor initials_____________ ]
7. Exposing the subclavian, axillary and carotid arteries. [ _____________ ]
8. Exposing the iliac and femoral arteries. [_____________ ]
9. Turn in the rat. [ _____________ ]


Lab Evaluation 3 2 1
FOCUS - embraces lab as a learning opportunity, uses resources to enhance understanding, stays focused and self-directed      
PARTICIPATION - shared equally in responsibilities, no absences      
COMPLETION - all checkpoints achieved      
RESPECT - attentive, curious, does not "play" with the specimen      
SAFETY & CLEANUP - always wore goggles, cleaned up station, stored specimen appropriately