Comparative Anatomy: The Human and Rat Digestive System

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Choose a color for each organ. Color the circle and the organ.

Stomach Liver Esophagus Pancreas
Pharynx Common Bile Duct Transverse Colon Gallbladder
Descending Colon Ascending Colon Sigmoid Colon Appendix
Jejunum Ileum Duodenum Rectum


1. Which structure is responsible for storing bile?

2. After food leaves the small intestine, where does it go?

3. Which structure is responsible for the absorption of nutrients from food?

4. The first section of small intenstine is called the..?

5. Which section of colon is directly before the rectum?


6. Identify three structures in the rat that are similar to those found in the human.

7. Identify one structure in the rat that you will not find in the human digestive system.

8. The alimentary canal is the series of organs that food passes through as it is digested. Identify these organs starting at the esophagus and ending at the rectum.

9. How does the liver of the rat differ from the liver of a human?

10. What organs are found in the thoracic cavity of both the rat and the human?
What structure marks the boundary of the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity?