Advanced Genetic – Codominance, Incomplete Dominance, Multiple Allele Traits, and Sex Linkage

Most of these were designed for AP Biology, but can be adapted for other levels

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Advanced Crosses - Sickle Cell, Flower Color, Drosophila Eye Color, Labradors, Piebald Color

Monohybrid and Dihybrid Crosses - cystic fibrosis, fainting goats, guinea pigs, pea plants

Blood Disorders - (Remote version) - Sickle cell, Von Willebrand, Hemophilia, Beta thalassemia

Cat Genetics - Sex linkage (tortoiseshell)

Chicken Combs - multiple allele traits

Horses - Trotter vs Pacer, Flaxan manes

Linkage Groups - Fruit flies, long aristae, dumpy wings, eye color

Sex Linkage - cat coat color, reciprocal cross, colorblindness

Sexy Chickens - chicken sex linkage, ZZ and ZW chromosomes

Genetics and Inheritance Overview - chart that summarizes inheritance patterns

Advanced Genetics Presentation - Google Slides