The Stickleback Fish - A Story of Modern Evolution

This activity uses a virtual lab created by HHMI Biointeractive. To complete this activity students will need a computer with an internet connection and headphones to access videos. This worksheet is modified from the student worksheet provided by HHMI. Also, make sure that your browser allows pop-up windows.

stickleback fish

First, students watch a video at Learn.Genetics to learn basic information about the stickleback and its life cycle.

Then, students open the Stickleback Evolution Lab at HHMI. The simulation contains short video clips to provide background information about the study and how fish are captured.

Finally, students perform an experiment where they view fish and determine which have absent, reduced, or complete spines. That information is then graphed to show which type of fish are found at each lake.


The analysis section includes multiple choice questions about the fish and the experiment. Students then summarize how selection strength varies in each type of lake (predators versus no predators).

Use the Google Doc Link below to view the student file. To edit, choose "copy" to add the file to your drive.

google doc