The Theory of Evolution - Crossword

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1. diagram that shows relationships between species
3. related species share a common _____
5. process by which evolution occurs; natural ___
7. a model that is used to explain data and make predictions; ____ of evolution
10.   preserved remains of ancient organisms
11.   name of the ship Darwin traveled on, H.M.S._____
15.   islands that Darwin collected observations from
16.   a characteristic that helps an organism survive
18.   population of organisms that can interbreed
19.   when organisms disappear from the earth
20.   passing of traits from parents to offspring

2. type of selection seen in dogs and other domestic animals
4. had different shaped shells depending on the island
6. when two unrelated organisms look alike (sharks & dolphins)
8. structures that are similar in different species; ex. arm bones of vertebrates
9. structures that have no function; ex. leg bones of whales
12.  change over time
13. proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection
14.   refers to the variety of living things
17.   birds studied by Darwin