Concept Map -- Organic Compounds

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Amino acids, animals, Carbohydrates, Cell membrane, Cholesterol, DNA, Disaccharide, Egg yolk, Energy storage, Enzymes, Fats, Fatty acid, Fructose, Glucose, Glycogen, Hemoglobin, Hormones, Insulin, Lactose, Lipids, Monosaccharide, Nitrogen Base, Nucleotide, Nucleic Acids, Phosphate Group, Phospholipid, Plants, Polypeptides, Polysaccharides, Proteins, Saturated, Starch, Steroids, Sucrose, Unsaturated, 4 rings of carbon, 5 carbon sugar

Other Resources on Biomolecules

Slides  Biological Macromolecules |  Guided Notes

Biomolecules Boxing – students make boxes showing the four biomolecules of life and use the boxes to practice structure and functions

Enzyme Lab – use liver to show how catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, bubbling is used to measure the reaction at different temperatures.

Analyzing Graphics – Enzymes – shows substrates and enzyme interactions and explores competitive inhibition

Biomolecules (Proteins) - Guided Learning