Comparing Ecosystems Mini-Project


Introduction: There are many different types of biomes on the planet that are characterized by a certain weather pattern, dominant plants and dominant animals. These areas are also called ecosystems.

In some areas, particularly those biomes that are close on the map, you will have some overlap of plant and animal species. For instance, deer can be found in grasslands and in temperate forests.

In this activity, you will work together to create a VENN diagram to compare two ecosystems, illustrate what features are distinct to each and what they have in common. Each group will have a pair of ecosystems to investigate.

Websites: | Thewildclassroom/biomes

Group 1

Tropical Rain Forest
Deciduous Forest

Group 2


Group 3


Group 4

Rivers & Streams
Ponds & Lakes

Group 5

Temperate Oceans
Tropical Oceans


As a group, brainstorm a list of animals and plants you can find in each ecosystem. Find any animals or plants that you would probably find in both areas. The venn diagram can also include other features of the ecosystem, such as average temperature, physical features, geography. You may want to start with a rough draft, then revise a "clean" diagram to turn in.

You can print out a copy of the venn diagram that shows two overlapping circles, or create one yourself. The venn diagram can also be created the computer using a word processing program..

venn diagram