Brain Anatomy and Physiology

Site 1: PBS - The Secret Life of the Brain, locate the 3-D Brain Anatomy Page

1. Explore each area of the brain and write a brief description of its function:

A. Cerebellum

B. Parietal Lobe

C. Temporal Lobe

D. Frontal Lobe

E. Occipital Lobe

F. The Brain Stem

G. Corpus Callosum

H. Limbic System

I. Thalamus

J. Pineal Gland

K. Hypothalamus

L. Amygdala

M. Hippocampus


2. Label the lobes of the brain.


3. Go to the link on scanning the brain. Explore the technologies used to scan a brain. Read about each of the scanning tools and answer the following questions (abbreviations can be used).

Which one is the least invasive?

Which one uses and X ray to see cross sections of the brain?

Which one uses a magnet?


Site2: Exploratorium :

Navigate to the "EXPLORE" link on the menu and choose "mind". There are several exhibits in this section.

Virtual Sheep Brain Dissection

6. The outer layer of the brain is called the _______________________________, which means _____________________

7. Why is "white matter" white?

8. What is the function of the axons?

9. Where is long term memory processed?

10. Where is short term or "working memory" processed?

11. Where are skill memories processed?Answer Key | Related Documents: Quiz: Brain Anatomy | Virtual Sheep Brain Dissection | Sheep Brain Dissection