Brain Crossword

puzzle grid


1.  lobe of brain associated with vision
4.  fissure that separates the hemispheres
7.  ridges on the cerebral cortex
9.  large part of brain, consists of two hemispheres
12. fissure that separates the occipital lobe from cerebellum
13.  Outermost meninges, ___ mater.
14.  white matter within the cerebellum; ___ vitae
15.  the "seahorse" of the brain; functions in memory
16. a groove between two gyri
18. connects the two hemispheres; corpus _____
20. relay station within the brain stem, above medulla
21. fluid filled cavities within the brain


2. gland attached to the hypothalamus
3. membranes around the brain
5. links the brain to the endocrine system (pituitary)
6. consists of the thalamus and hypothalamus
8.  associated with fear and aggression
9.  where the two optic nerves cross
10.  the most anterior lobe of the brain
11.  part of the brain responsible for balance
17.  system that contains the hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala
19. fissure that separates temporal lobe from parietal lobe