DNA Replication

Label:        DNA polymerase               3’       5’             DNA Ligase             Okazaki fragment                   DNA Primase
Single Strand Binding Proteins             Helicase                    Leading Strand               Lagging Strand


Identify the structure

1. _____________________________ Enzyme that unwinds DNA

2. _____________________________ Fragments of copied DNA created on the lagging strand

3. _____________________________ The strand that is copied in a continuous way, from the 3’ to 5’ direction

4. _____________________________ Binds Okazaki fragments

5. _____________________________ Builds a new DNA strand by adding complementary bases

6. _____________________________ Stabilizes the DNA molecule during replication

7. _____________________________ Strand that is copied discontinuously because it is traveling away from helicase

8.  _____________________________ Initiates the synthesis DNA by creating a short RNA segment at replication fork

9. Place the events in the correct order:

____  DNA polymerase adds nucleotides in the 5’ to 3’ direction

____  Replication fork is formed

____  DNA polymerase attaches to the primer

____ Okazaki fragments are bound together by ligase

____ DNA helicase unwinds DNA

10.  Why is replication called “semi-conservative?”  ____________________________________