DNA - Concept Map

Using a concept mapping application, create a concept map on DNA. The concept map should include terms and concepts related to DNA, its discovery, how it controls the cell, how it makes copies of itself, enzymes and proteins related to DNA.


The concept map will be submitted as a digital file emailed to your instructor (or submitted via flash drive).

The assignment is rather large and will take some time to complete. Be prepared to spend time outside class to complete this project.

Concept Map Programs: Gliffy | CMAP | Lucidchart | Creately

Collaboration is possible with any of these programs if this assignment is to be completed as a group project.

Grading Rubric

  Poor (2pt) Satisfactory (3pts) Good (4pts) Excellent (5 pts)
Organization Serious errors in organization, difficult to follow Some lapses in organization that effect coherence and unity Organization shows relations of terms, few lapses in organization but overall it is easy to read and understand Well organized and logical in all areas, map is organized in such a way that concepts and links are easy to follow and understand
Ideas Ideas are minimal, inappropriate or random Ideas are somewhat random, minimal, or repetitious shows well developed ideas (terms and concepts), enough to establish purpose of concept map ideas are pertinent, extensive, establish purpose and show all elements of the topic
Connections Concept map is mostly linear, with very few multiple connections to relate terms concept map is mostly linear, but has some connections that link multiple ideas concept map is presented as a web, terms are linked to multiple other terms terms and concepts are linked in web form, showing multiple relationships between concepts and ideas
Knowledge concept map shows very little overall knowledge of DNA and related terms concept map shows some knowledge of DNA and related terms concept map shows a solid knowledge of DNA, links show a fair understanding of how DNA was discovered, its structure and its function concept map shows extensive knowledge of DNA - links show an excellent and comprehensive understanding of DNA and how it works to control life processes
Items less than 10 concepts shown 11-20 items shown 21-30 items shown 30 or more items on concept map

Total _______ out of 25 (x2 )

_______ out of 50

DNA Concept Map Samples

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