Nervous System Review

1. The skeletal muscles are controlled by the _______________________________nervous system.
2. The smooth muscles and glands are controlled by the __________________________ nervous system.
3. Neurons are composed of a network of fine threads called _________________________________
4. The nervous system consists of two parts, the brain and spinal cord make up the ______________ nervous system, and the nerves throughout the body make up the ___________ nervous system.
5. ______________________________are cells found between neurons and blood vessels.
6. Neurons consist of a cell body, axons, and _________________________, which receive information.
7. Neurons that have a single process extending from the cell body are classified as _________, if they have two processes, they are classified as _____________
8. White matter is composed of axons that are sheathed in _________________________
9. Two ions necessary to create an electric current in a nerve fiber are potassium and ______________.
10. The ______________________ function of the nervous system refers to information being interpreted so that the brain can make decisions.
11. The junction between two communicating neurons is called the ____________________________
12. Acetylcholine, serotonin and endorphins are all forms of ___________________________
13. The _________________________arc refers to a simple nerve pathway that would be involved with involuntary actions (like knee-jerk, or withdrawal)
14. Groups of neurons that perform a common function, such as the storing of procedural memory (tying your shoe) are called neuronal __________.
15. __________________________________cells help destroy bacterial cells and cellular debris.
16. There are 31 pairs of ____________________________ nerves.
17. These types of neurotransmitters increase membrane permeability, thus increasing the chance that threshold will be achieved. ______________________________
18. When a threshold is achieved, an event called the __________________ potential occurs.
19. Gaps in the myelin sheath are called Nodes of _________________________________
20. These support cells are responsible for secreting the myelin sheaths: _________________________
21. A nerve impulse is received by the dendrites and then travels down the ___________________
22. There are twelve pairs of ________ nerves.
23. This neurotransmitter stimulates the muscles to contract. __________________
24. These cells form a membrane that covers specialized brain parts: ___________
25. These cells have the same function as oligodendrocytes, but are packed within the myelin: _____________


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